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2003 Dodge 4.7 Quad Cab Oil Change!@$%^*#

From : terra

Q: no you wont do any better than last time. oops my engine ran dry for a couple seconds today when i started it. did i wreck it unfortunately since its obvious you dont know the difference between an engine with pressure being driven up and a trans with pressure being lowered because of fluid draining yuo will risk it. and as i said before in the end maybe all youll notice is the leak at the front seal. its still not a good idea and worse things can happen than a small fluid leak. if you think its a good idea to risk a $1500 trans when installing a $2 drain plug will eliminate the risk and make the job easier and more complete then i have to think you arent very smart. you figured a whopping 62 turns in five seconds. and five seconds would be for someone who just had a few too many beers id have it shut off in about one. if you could actually reach the key from where you were watching the fluid drain out of the line at the front of the truck yeah it would be about one second. its a stupid idea. max spam filters why purify an undesired substance .


From : kirby

on 6/27/03 1949 scanman wrote .... a ratchet on the 13mm metric bolt. it was super tight! .... from the top without being a contortionist. then it was on so damn tight .... had a hell of a time even getting the oil filler cap off. .... - maybe youre just not strong enough. .

From : beekeep

anyone comment on the cause and what i should expect to be the proper solution for this problem thanks... most likely the rear seal is leaking. they go after a while cost about $20 and take about 10 minutes to change - no big deal. .

From : m s t

jba sells headers for the hemi. they are on summits site. just search hemi ram and they will come up. $530. i got tired of waiting and called gibson performance and thorley. gibson said they should have them in about three weeks. thorley says their set is at the federal lab being tested/certified and could be months away from retail sales. tic toc tic toc -- moparman----remove clothes to reply... scud coordinates latitude 32.61208 degrees north longitude 96.92995 degrees west depth 17.35 inches .

From : cigarski

now that you did it once you are better than most dealers. $.02 i had warrenty work done and every time they screwed it up. 1. replaced steering box ... never filled the power steering box. you could see the impler. 2. worked on the transmission ... when i got home i checked the fluid... the stick was dry. the dealer told me it was because of an air bubble. 3inspection ... dealer called and told me the front brakes were bad metal to metal ... unsafe to drive $600 if i am lucky. i told them leave it alone. took it to another inspection station and it passed. stay away from dealers unless you have to then double check their work. dodge sure does not win the ease of maintenance award! i just changed my oil & filter at 1540 miles on my quad cab. 55 minutes later a bloody arm a broken filter wrench and a lot of cussing! i could not believe this crap! the crossbar is right above the drain plug allowing no room to use a ratchet on the 13mm metric bolt. it was super tight! the damn filter is inaccessible from the bottom or from the top without being a contortionist. then it was on so damn tight i broke my filter wrench as i was just getting it loosend! after draining the oil and changing the filter then i had a hell of a time even getting the oil filler cap off. i ended up using a pair of channel lock pliers to get it off. this is just rediculous! i love the truck but i sure wont be doing any oil changes on it anymore! i would even be afraid to take it to anyone but the dodge dealer to do them cause they will certainly damage something trying to do it especially those fly by night quick places! i went to the dealer today and purchased a 60000 mile maintenance contract which includes 20 oil & filter changes lubes checks etc. at 3000 mile intervals. it sure is worth the money and lack of frustration i exeperienced today! just wait & try to do it yourself youll see what i mean! - .

From : phoneman

ugh. ground effects are just too much and the gas cap door thing is just plain rice. joe black 03 dakota 5.9 r/t cc calypso green 93 mustang 5.0 lx hatch with a few goodies james1549 wrote in http// http// http// http// http// http// http// http// http// http// http// http// http// .

From : ignoramus32229

.... why no transmission oil drain plug from ignoramus14738@nospam.14738.invalid ignoramus14738 just curious... why do dodge ram transmission oil pans not have drain plugs it is very inconvenient to deal with a falling pan full of oil you know. i ....... its a cost per unit thing. ..gibson6string.. ================================ .

From : kevin

my 94 ram runs fine until i get down to about an 1/8 of a tank of gas the it will start to miss with in a few miles it nearly dies out and im lucky to get 15 mph out of it which can make for a long trip to a gas station. ive had mechanics take out my tank 3 times in the past but want to tackle this one myself what should i look for. .