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2003 Caravan - Driver's Power Seat - Front Riser - not working

From : mike smike s

Q: i purchased a 2003 dodge sport caravan a year ago. about a month later the drivers seat front riser stopped working. the front riser motor vibrates and makes a growling sound when i briefly move the front riser switch in the up or down position but there is no movement in the linkage or seat. i presume the switch and motor or working but dont know what else to try. i have looked for stuck debris in the linkage but could not find anything. there are four motors under the seat. 1 - seat forward-reverse - works ok. 2 - recline up and down - works ok. 3 - rear riser - works ok 4 - front riser - motor growls and vibrates but no movement. if seat is left in far forward position overnight sometimes when moving back to normal position seat forward-reverse motor growls but works. later in the day it moves with normal motor sound. .. any help is appreciated as i dont have any warranty on this component. thanks in advance! to email replace all x with first letter of my first name. .


From : joe brophy

on sat 29 apr 2006 132859 -0400 ron webb wrote should be two small screws on the bottom of the door one in the upper corner one large one in the center near the handle and a 10mm that holds the door lever on. then it should just lift up. thanks larry. it is moot now. the regualtor has to be changed. so the dealer is ordering it. as a aside have you folks been noticeing that just about everything has to be ordered they stock next to nothing for parts. roy having a large inventory is just having your money sitting on the shelf not working for you. im just glad mcds doesnt work that way. fmb i understand that line of reasoning but ive been waiting 4 weeks for a new drivers seat. tysinger dodge says they had to order it from a vendor. is this normal i sure wouldnt wait 4 weeks for a big mac. ron w. when my durangos driver seat started rocking and i discovered it was not due to the mounting bolts coming loose i was enlightened by the dealer parts people that the smallest replaceable assembly in the seat unit is the entire seat! i vowed not to give in and buy one new instead i retrieved one from a junk yard for 90$ then just swapped on my leather from the broken one. they quoted over $500 for the new seat uninstalled! on top of it all i am convinced that the issue with mine was mostly due to poor design. i guess that complements a poor design that wont allow the owner or repair people to be able to remove and replace assemblies within the seat unit why am i not surprised. i would have shoehorned in a ford or chevy truck seat before id buy a new one on my nickel when id only had the car less than a year from the factory. must have been designed by the same person who thought a good place to mount the ignition coil was upside down push on connectors on the bottom with the coil mounted slightly in front of the exhaust manifold likely the farthest place one could be located from the distributor too! looks like my abs speed sensor is crapping out now i get several dash warning lights sometimes when i apply the brakes.....oh well maybe toyota will buy daimler chrysler next week. regards joe. .