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2002 RAM rear turn signal

From : phallman43

Q: an improperly bled system has air in it. air any gas be it air or fluid vapor can expand and contract due to temperature and thus can allpy sic a small amount of pressure over designed pressure to the throwout bearing. do you disagree that an improprerly bled system is working improperly do you have proof that an improperly bled system cannot apply more pressure to a in this case static to bearing yes i disagree that air in the system when heated will apply more pressure to the to bearing. as i stated the system is open to the reservoir when the pedal is in the released position therefore any pressure buildup would merely push the fluid back into the reservoir rather than apply more pressure to the to bearing. my proof a simple observation of the system design. the reservoir must be exposed to the system when the pedal is up in order for the fluid to return; this is true in both the brake and clutch hydraulic system. unlike a hydraulic brake system where the reservoir must replenish fluid as the friction components wear clutch disc wear results in the pressure plate moving closer to the flywheel and the fingers in the pressure plate moving closer to the to bearing. if the system wasnt open to the reservoir the to bearing would be unable to displace the fluid as it moves away from the fingers. service manuals caution against overfilling the reservoir for this very reason; an overfull reservoir would result in the phenomenom you describe but overfull is not a normal condition. its pretty obvious that you know as little about clutch hydraulic systems as you do about transmission hydraulics. those schools you claim to have attended failed to instill basic concepts that any high school auto shop student learns. do you know every possible situation problem result solution to a hydraulic system no but i do understand the operation of a normally functioning system and in a normally functioning system the phenomenom that you claim occurs is impossible. of course a malfunctioning system can cause any number of problems but the phenomenon that you claim will occur in a system whose only abnormality is air entreapment is total nonsense. if not maybe its time to sit back and accept that weird things do happen. yes weird things happen but your chosen happening wont happen. typical whining from you. time to shut up like you had been for a couple of months. as usual pointing out rabid examples of bullshit is construed by you as whining. go back to school. .


From : me

engine is in a daily driver that was running fine. it burned a valve and when i pulled the valve covers i found the oil problem. oil gets changed regularly. it has been running this way for a while because the rockers are badly worn and the heads and lifter gallery are dry. oil comes from the mains up to the rocker shaft stands. then thru the shafts to the rockers. what kind of general shape is the engine in lots of miles with few oil changes has it been sitting for a bunch of years -- budd cochran i have a 1986 dodge 318 that is not getting any oil to the heads. are the pushrods in this engine supposed to have holes in them or does it oil some other way ive only worked on chevys until now. .