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2001 Dodge Ram 1500 3.9 V6 magnum

From : gottatryonce54

Q: steve fuel filter was changed in may 15000 miles ago. how often does it need changing also could be the notorious lift pump. charles. steve lusardi wrote charles change your fuel filter immediately. it is easy to do. you will need a 1/2 drive 12 extention universal joint and a 1 1/8 socket to remove the cap. the filter simply lifts out. the new filter will come with a new o ring for the cap. when the new filter is installed you will see 6.5 psi at idle and under max throttle it will drop to 4 but not lower. steve i picked up my truck today 2001 2500 td 24 valve after having egt and fuel pressure gauges installed. at idle fuel pressure is like 5-7 psi it hunts. while driving it is around 3 max going up a hill truck is not really trying it can drop to 1 or 2 psi. what should the pressure be at idle when driving when working hard does this mean i need to replace the lift pump before it takes out the main fuel pump my friends say carquest sells the same pump as you get from cummins for a lot less. around $100 i think. main pump they say is a $2000 job. is it hard to do or get at if so i have a mechanic that can do it. thanks charles .


From : billy

i have shut off the auto lock feature on the drivers door but the other three doors are still locking - which is very irritating! ideas on how to stop the auto lock completely .

From : frankbernier shaw ca

i had a similar problem. any one have any idea of what to check for .

From : frankbernier shaw ca

i had a similar problem. any one have any idea of what to check for .

From : lorne guess noguess net

tbone wrote no the country comes first the individuals second. i just did define it although you dont seem to be intelligent enough to understand it. you did not define when enough is enough. you said tax them until the country has what it needs. tbone that is not a limit. the government country as you call it will always need more and more and more unless a limit is set and the government country is forced to work within its means. and what exactly do you base this limit on miles do you mean a limit on the total amount in $$$$ or in percentage of income so your view is the government country comes first and the people 2nd when it comes to tax revenues. the country has to come first in all things or it will fail. i suppose that is where we differ. i put the people before the government. so do i despite your spin. the country is the people not the government like you try and spin it. the liberals view is that the government should take care of everyones needs and be responsible for them. no the liberals view is that the masses need some protection from the corrupt few who put greed and self interest above all things much like yourself. the government only serves as a tool to accomplish this. the only downside is that it too is corrupted by people who put their own self interests above all things miuch like the current administration. tbone people need to take care and be responsible for themselves. a concept thats unknown to the far left. lol more right wing spin. if that were only true but we both know that it isnt. those in power set the rules and the wealthy are just about always in power and the last thing that they will do is set the rules against themselves. why do you keep trying to change the subject from individuals to businesses can you not support your arguments because it essentially is one in the same. people own businesses to make money and grow. take that incentive away and the people who run the business will move their business elsewhere. more complete crap. where exactly do you think that they are going to go and if that were true why didnt they all leave after clinton placed those heavy tax burdens according to you on them more spin and still unable to answer a simple question but ill ask again. how exactly does someone work hard enough to make 40 times or more the a person making the median income and please be specific. its an investment of time work and skills. more right wing spin and still doesnt anser the question. this may apply to some small businesses for a while but how does that apply to most of the corporate execs there it is not a matter of what you know and more of a matter of who you know so i ask again how exactly are they worth the money they are being paid the fact that many people are able to accomplish it is proof that it can be done. many my ass. sure it can be done but the chances are very few and far between. that is the american dream. another right wing line of shit. it is called a dream becasue very few will see it in reality because the ones that have the money are going to do everything possible to make sure that they are the ones that keep it. some people go after it but many do not because they either wont put in the effort or they lack the skills to do so. why punish those that can and do it is not a punishment and these few people are not the issue. if you think that all it take is hard work and determination then you truly are an idiot. it take 2 other things and unfortunantly one is not giving a damn about anyone or anything but yourself again much like you and martha stewart and the other is a bit of luck. but since you like to set limits what do you see as a resonable limit for how much money a person should make over others that work for them. why do liberals want to use a communist method of redistribution of wealth thinking it will make for a great fair economy it will do no such thing. lol that has nothing to do with anything. i have no problem with people being rich but i do have a problem with the richer they get the greedier they also seem to get and act like the world owes them this. you are the one that keeps twisting it to this not me. stay with the subject and talk about the individuals. you are basing your tax plan on a select few individuals with sensationalized stories. they are very few. there are far more of them then you want to admit too and if there are only this few then my tax plan will have little effect on the rest of you so what are you whining about see tbone you base everything on emotions rather than the bigger picture. thats the liberal way. oh...theres poor people better tax the crap out of a select few rich people. tax the crap out of my ass. if they even payed what they owed without increases there would be no reason to increase taxes. onl

From : tom lawrence

nathan w. collier wrote choosing not to stop before exiting a parking lot onto a very busy city street is negligent at best. bullshit......... the local walmart where i live has no stop sign or a painted stop on the pavement at their exit before the street and i exit there all the time without stopping first read what i said again. i said choosing not to stop before exiting a parking lot onto a very busy city street. if nothing is coming there is no reason to stop but this street in question is very busy. its the only street in and out of a residential area with thousands of residents. my wife said there were cars directly in front of her and directly behind her. its wasnt an issue of would he hit a car so much as which car would he hit. now i wasnt there to see this but i trust fully in what my wife tells me. this is an issue of negligence at best. -- nathan w. collier http// http// http// http// why should i.... there is a clear view of traffic at least a 100 feet in both direction before even getting to the exit and that view is 500-600 feet on both sides of the road. so if there is no traffic for several hundred feet on the road before the exit why should anyone stop. i doubt there is a single person around this ng that has never done the same thing. it doesnt really matter nate and like i said before i understand your frustration and right to be mad because your truck has been wrecked but youre picking at straws now. jerry .