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2000 dodge ram 1500 4x4

From : smoore

Q: i just went through a similar situation...although i purchased a replacement unit from napa. ive been going by the odometer for a long time now. once i dropped the tank and removed the assembly my only problem was a clogged filter which can be cleaned very easily. it mounts to the bottom of the pump via 2 clips. once that was cleaned and i removed the crap gas left in the tank from the station all was good. i then returned the fuel pump assembly back to napa for a full refund. napa unit is much less. as for the sending unit you will see the obvious problem with that when u take it out. ive got some pics i took of mine to give you an idea of what is possibly going on with yours if yould like to see them.. the sending unit is available seperately from dodge and cost is about $40.00. a little time and you can do it all yourself. i was quoted $500.00 to replace a fuel pump in my 1999 dodge ram 4x4 quad cab with a 26 gallon fuel tank. although it may be completely covered under my guardian insurance plan. does that price sound crazy one other thing. for about 8 months now my fuel gauge has not been working correctly. i found this out when i ran out of gas with 1/4 of a tank still showing on the guage. so ive been using the odometer since. now the fuel pump appears to have gone bad. are the fuel guage and the fuel pump related would it seem plausible that the fuel guage system craps out 8 months before the fuel pump and if i get a new fuel pump will that automatically fix the fuel guage problem thanks .