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2000 Dodge Ram 1500 Fog Lamps Issues....

From : chuckyg

Q: denny wrote lately ive noticed it takes a few more gallons of fuel to fill my tank than usual. i normally only need about 26 gallons to fill up when the gauge is at about 1/8th of a tank. the last few fills required 30 gallons or more. i didnt think too much of it until yesterday. i ran out of fuel on the highway pulling a trailer with just under 1/8th of a tank. luckily i was close enough to home to call my wife and have her rescue me with a can of diesel and my tool box. what a pain in the ass to get started again after you run a diesel dry. it takes much longer to bleed the air out of the system than it does after a fuel filter change. i ran out only three miles from where i planed to stop for fuel. after adding almost all of a 5 gallon can of fuel to the tank some was dumped into the mostly empty filter canister some dumped on myself it took 29.7 gallons to finish filling up. i have a 34 gallon tank on my 99 2500 qc sb so now im convinced the gauge is reading too high. anyone have any ideas why the fuel gauge is reading higher than it should does the sending unit have resistance values that i can verify with a meter -- ken this sounds dumb but look under the take and see if the bottom of the tank looks like its sucked up. ive ran across this a couple of times and it acts just like you said. if the tank is flat then you probably have a sending unit acting up. denny the tank looks normal right now but it does have 34 gallons of fuel in it. ill have to check it when it gets low again. -- ken .


From : bob

on 7 nov 2005 155432 -0800 wrote roy wrote sounds like the tire is cupping. or perhaps a belt shift. take it to a tire store and have them spin it. if it has been going on for a couple of months it should be a fairly obvious. roy thanks; i went to ntb tire/battery place and the guy at the counter who may or may not know anything ran his hand across all my tires and said the 2 front ones are cupped and said its definitely causing the noise. i suggested i should rotate the tires since its been more than 12k miles by now and he said dont wont help. sounds like hes right about cupping but not sure if i should rotate. he also pointed out that one of my tires rear has some cracks that he called separating just about where the white wall is. he said it wouldnt pass inspection which is due soon. the tread on all the tires is ok but im wondering if im due for 4 new tires they at 33000 miles but are 5 year old. is age relevant or just miles he suggested of course that i get all new tires but hes a salesman too so ...not sure. . hes right. cupped tread and separation on 5 year old tires means buy a new set. it appears you do not put a lot of miles on so dont waste your money on high mileage rated tires that you will never wear out before they rot out. .