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20 inch rims on a 96

From : johnny5

Q: i have a 2001 ram 1500 with the 318 ... have just under 20k on it now .... drives better than new my baby on wed 16 jul 2003 191242 -0500 dale simpson wrote i just bought a 98 dakota and when my neighbor saw ithe is also a dodge owner he said i hope you have a spare couple of grand because you are gonna have to replace that tranny. is there even a grain of truth to his assertion that all dodge trucks have substandard transmissions i looked the truck up on some kind of consumer reporting website before i bought it and they said that it was a pretty much trouble free truck. please tell me that my tranny isnt destined to fail! the only other dodge i have ever owned is a 84 ram charger and i loved that truck with that big ole 360 and extra large tires wish i still had it but the mileage sucked and i travel a lot for work. any input from this group of dodge lovers will be greatly appreciated! dale simpson .


From : nosey

joe yer wastin yer time! ive been saying in this ng for years that synthetic starts off life as crude just like dino oil but no one seems to listen... sigh.... my preference of course is to call dino conventional oil and synthetic synthetic but no one seems to want to adopt my convention. 8-------------------------------------------- not meant to be an amsoil plug but it explains it well. plagiarized from http// have you ever wondered why synthetic oil is more expensive than petroleum oil and if its worth it well ive done some research and this is what i came up with. the reason it is more expensive is because of how it is made. the name synthetic means that it is chemically synthesized from different hydrocarbons. they start with a hydrocarbon then derive the gas ethylene and then chemically synthesize that into the base stock for synthetic oil polyalphaolefin or pao. premium additives also add to the cost and are beneficial for reducing friction resisting oxidation and thermal breakdown and eliminating sludge and varnish formation. so what does all that mean to you because the oil is synthesized from the same molecule the molecules of the base stock of synthetic oil are of all the same size and there is no impurity. this causes the synthetic oil to be more stable and will enable it do a better job of lubrication. so when you heat the synthetic oil it is less volatile or when you freeze the oil it will pour when petroleum oil is solid. also over extended use the synthetic oil will retain its same lubricating quality longer. in contrast petroleum oils molecules are of different sizes and shapes and some of the molecules are undesirable. i hate to point out the obvious but they do pump it out of the ground. refining will remove most but not all of the impurities. the oils viscosity and lubricating quality will change overtime because the smaller molecules will burn off. this process will also cause acids and sludge to form in the oil. i have tried oil additives and found little benefit from them. especially when compared to the tangible and tested benefits of amsoil synthetic oil. ill let you make up your own mind on this topic but please check out this link from the federal trade commission. federal trade commission .