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1999 dodge ram 2500

From : melonhead

Q: gee john just call me a liar and get it over with youll feel much more superior that way. liar is a little severe but judging from past political posts and your signature line you are inclined to believe fantasies. .


From : tom lawrence

all ive done is try share some experience and to gain a bit of knowledge which seems to be denied to me and anyone else reading the thread. budd i too am happy to see your back and read that your health has improved. but.... read over the threads you have been involved in since your return. some you have shared knowledge others..well in others it has been arguments with the same people you argued with before. heres what i do. those that piss me off or that i think are total assholes i ignore. i dont respond to them at all. i dont use the kf i just ignore them. actually it is only one so it is pretty easy to do. also as time goes by fewer and fewer people respond to him. there are always people that you arent going to get along with no matter what ya do. trying to get along with them will give ya heartburn. so ya just dont play with them. sorta like a 12 step program. ya gotta realize what ya can and cant control here all ya can control is yourself. please take this in the spirit in which it was intended. oh road runners still suck!! bfg roy .