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1999 dodge durango starting problems.

From : eaglesgm

Q: john learn to read. i said in one instance the rented forklift trapped air caused a bearing problemwhich indicates it can happen elsewhere. once again the trapped air by itself couldnt cause that problem; the trapped air had to be in an otherwise malfunctioning system. if you are as knowledgeful of the system as you claim to be you would realize entrapped air could only cause a problem in a system whose return port was plugged. and if you had been there you wouldnt be questioning my veracity. lemme tell you about the time i fixed a slipping transmission by tightening one lug nut on the left front wheel. wanna argue that it couldnt happen the fluid was as clean as it was from the brake fluid container. so the fluid was clean so what is dirty fluid the only thing that would obstruct a return i also stated that the perfect system only exists in text books. bullshit!!! a system that works as advertised is by definition perfect but if by your definition a system has to be incapable of malfunctioning then there is no perfect system. whatever. your mind is closed tighter than a bear trap and yours isnt .


From : tom lawrence

fog lights just quit working the other day changed the bulbs after it happened and nothing from either side. any ideas on how to trace the problem check the fuse which is good its on a circuit with the radio lights and they are still working... .