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1999 dashboard cracks

From : bud

Q: my experience mirrors yours exactly although i mostly went to other car mechanics. now i do all maintenance myself. i now that you did it once you are better than most dealers. $.02 i had warrenty work done and every time they screwed it up. 1. replaced steering box ... never filled the power steering box. you could see the impler. 2. worked on the transmission ... when i got home i checked the fluid... the stick was dry. the dealer told me it was because of an air bubble. 3inspection ... dealer called and told me the front brakes were bad metal to metal ... unsafe to drive $600 if i am lucky. i told them leave it alone. took it to another inspection station and it passed. stay away from dealers unless you have to then double check their work. dodge sure does not win the ease of maintenance award! i just changed my oil & filter at 1540 miles on my quad cab. 55 minutes later a bloody arm a broken filter wrench and a lot of cussing! i could not believe this crap! the crossbar is right above the drain plug allowing no room to use a ratchet on the 13mm metric bolt. it was super tight! the damn filter is inaccessible from the bottom or from the top without being a contortionist. then it was on so damn tight i broke my filter wrench as i was just getting it loosend! after draining the oil and changing the filter then i had a hell of a time even getting the oil filler cap off. i ended up using a pair of channel lock pliers to get it off. this is just rediculous! i love the truck but i sure wont be doing any oil changes on it anymore! i would even be afraid to take it to anyone but the dodge dealer to do them cause they will certainly damage something trying to do it especially those fly by night quick places! i went to the dealer today and purchased a 60000 mile maintenance contract which includes 20 oil & filter changes lubes checks etc. at 3000 mile intervals. it sure is worth the money and lack of frustration i exeperienced today! just wait & try to do it yourself youll see what i mean! - .


From : denny

nate if i could offer one bit of wisdom when youre on i65 headed north stop and get a motel just before you get to 90. get an early start and go thru chicago about 5am. youll save much stress and aggravation that way not to mention missing the worst traffic in the world. g have a safe move. looks like you are settling in the area where i go for a couple of weeks in the summer. maybe ill run into you sometime. denny here is the route ill be taking on my move to montana. if anyone lives along/near this route and would like to meet up for a handshake and a coke let me know. i had hoped to have enough time to go out of my way a little bit but the schedule does not currently allow for it. http// -- nathan w. collier 03 jeep rubicon jeep and let jeep http// .