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1999 2500 diesel 4x4 5spd.

From : cash

Q: on fri 27 jun 2003 162624 gmt fmb wrote theyre spamming all the groups with this.. so im not sure im understanding the relationship you stated about greasing vibration going away and 100 miles. the stories ive heard now are... 1. you grease the fittings and the vibration goes away for about 100 miles. as stated in your post yesterday 2. you grease the fittings and you have to drive 100 miles to a smooth road to feel the vibrations as you seem to state in your post below so if #1 is true then the process of elimination would work. even if you have to drive to the border testing grounds to crawl under the truck to begin the greasing. so then if #2 is true maybe the greasing didnt do a thing for ya. you made it to the test grounds and it still vibrated. maybe it is something other than your greasable fittings. fmb snug then released. it does seem like a strange vibration have you tried new batteries aw i know you dont want to hear my battery story. lets just say i have a good battery on my floor which is too big for my kids barbie jeep. now i live in pa so when i mentioned i have to drive 100 miles to notice the vibration that is also so when i reach the border & the roads are smoother so i can notice the vibration. so i need a better technique then the process of elimination. .


From : bruce grant

i am ready to change the plugs on my 01 ram with the 5.9l engine. it looks like there is some type of thin shield or tube around each plug. are these just pressed on the plug i tried pulling one off and it does not seem to want to come off. with it on it looks like the wire boot will be a problem to get off. thoughts .