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1998 dodge ram 2500 quadcab 4X4

From : unemployabel

Q: ive seen more than a few trucks around town with both. i suppose you cant beat the combination for durability. i highly recommend the spray-in bet liners. sure you cant drop cinderblocks on it from a two story building. but they are pretty darn tough and keep the bed in better shape then a drop in. on tue 08 jul 2003 003035 -0400 mopar man wrote is it possible to have all of these items installed and work together - putco stainless steel bed caps and rails - cargo box preferably plastic - tonneau cover retractible 2001 dodge ram long box sure get an under-the-rail bedliner not an over-the-rail for starters. duraliner makes one. the front rail and tailgate covers are included but you can just cut them off if you want the redneck-chrome trim all the way around. most of the tonneau covers just clamp on anyway. doesnt matter if you have rails on or not. .