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1998 dodge ram 1500 heater won't heat up

From : tbone

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From : tom lawrence

that makes sense thanks the pandoras box reference comes to play if the injectors dont come out so easy and something breaks during the removal. -- if at first you dont succeed youre not cut out for skydiving i dont disagree with if it aint broke dont fix it thinking. however i dont understand the pandoras box reference. replacing the injectors seems fairly straight forward and i cant see any negative results from replacing them except the cost. it has a new fuel pump about a year ago i rebuilt the heads and put in a new oil pump at 248k so far so good i guess i am just curious about why you think that. i have a 1996 ram 1500 318 auto 4x2 with very high mileage 268000. it runs very good however i was wondering if it might be time to replace the fuel injectors just as a precaution. does anyone have any thoughts on this also does anyone know of a place to get the best price on a new set. thanks david heck no....never fix what aint broke. youll be opening pandoras box. .