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1998 Ram 1500 V6 clunks on bumps

From : nosey

Q: hope someone can help - i have a 91 dodge d250 4wd and recently have had some steering problems. when i make left hand turns at moderate speeds the truck tends to want to go straight i have to give it a slight additional tug then it goes fine. the sensation is very mild and unless you drove it everyday you probably wouldnt notice it. i had chalked it up to tires as mine are getting a little worn and have some feathering. but just the other day i was making a left hand turn at an intersection and as i was turning it stopped wanting to go left about halfway through the turn so i gave it a pretty hard tug and heard a loud pop in the front. after that the truck wouldnt drive in a straight line. it was constantly pulling right then i would tug it back in line with the same sensation i mentioned earlier but much more pronounced. as i was trying to get it home at a brisk 15-20 mph it suddenly started driving straight again and i dont have that severe pull to the right any longer however it still has that slight tendency to want to go straight in left hand turns. ive jacked it up and checked the ball joints. they seem tight and i dont see anything that looks odd in the control arms or steering arm. what can it be it could possibly be the rag joint connecting the steering shaft from the steering wheel to the steering box. it looks like some stacked up pieces of rubber tire bits bolted together to form a flexible joint in the shaft. if it is torn it will create some free play in the steering and bind up on occasion just before a total failure causing you to careen off the road in an un-controllable spin making the school-bus full of nuns next to you panic and cross into on-coming traffic which in turn makes a trucker hauling hazardous waste lock up all 18 wheels while plowing thru the fence at the school playground from which the nuns just departed mowing down hundreds of catholic school children. the pope would not be happy. please get this fixed soon. .


From : ralph

there is one hill on a side road here that the vw will climb faster than anything ive ever owned. man you must have owned some really weak cars. .