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1998 Ram 1500 ABS Light?

From : lee bower

Q: yep 19.3 regularly. round trip from the canadian border to portland or. 521 miles but thats with a 5.9 cummins in an 01 2500. -- my real e-mail address is i just came back from my cycling trip to canada from nj with my 2003 2wd ram 1500 4.7. i was able to get about 17.85 mpg for the trip. still not the 19 they claim on the window sticker but better than my local 14.85 range. the truck now has 3500 miles anyone ever approach the 19mpg range .


From : lee bower

i am considering buying a 2003 hemi ram giving dodge and america one more chance but am understandably vervous. the 1500 you are talking about is made in mexico and the company german. not sure this is a way to give america one more chance... .