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1998 Dodge Dakota

From : edward g kinezian

Q: thanks for the replies gents. i looked at alldata and its more than i want to get involved in right now. live in a condo no garage. ill be dropping it off at the dealer tonight. thanks for the advice on using barrs. if it was a beater id consider it. dont want to take a chance at causing other problems. gotta ride the motorcycle for a few days. it just got cold here in south jersey too. wayne .


From : tom lawrence

suddenly without warning denny exclaimed 25-oct-05 1046 pm mike never mind the pile on factor. what concerns me is what he offered when he hopped into this thread. something about hugs with the op. maybe being pink has sort of how do i say this perhaps changed his focus im sorta at a loss for a explanation of his current behavior. maybe some bad carrots affected him. bfg roy not to worry roy... least not about that!.... the op is a she.....course we could always start rumors..... he..he..he... ^ mike now i see thru this big cloud of dust from yet another alls jealous that sweet-lovable me might get a cyber hug and you all arent.. start all the rumors you want itll still be good for us.......i hope.. vbg denny id like to say the op has been sitting back quite enjoying this little exchange one of these days im going to have to do some googling to find out the origin of the whole bunny thing though jmc who has been getting pretty thoroughly rained on for the last week. perhaps i should have installed pontoons rather than new tires... .

From : don grant

lately ive noticed it takes a few more gallons of fuel to fill my tank than usual. i normally only need about 26 gallons to fill up when the gauge is at about 1/8th of a tank. the last few fills required 30 gallons or more. i didnt think too much of it until yesterday. i ran out of fuel on the highway pulling a trailer with just under 1/8th of a tank. luckily i was close enough to home to call my wife and have her rescue me with a can of diesel and my tool box. what a pain in the ass to get started again after you run a diesel dry. it takes much longer to bleed the air out of the system than it does after a fuel filter change. i ran out only three miles from where i planed to stop for fuel. after adding almost all of a 5 gallon can of fuel to the tank some was dumped into the mostly empty filter canister some dumped on myself it took 29.7 gallons to finish filling up. i have a 34 gallon tank on my 99 2500 qc sb so now im convinced the gauge is reading too high. anyone have any ideas why the fuel gauge is reading higher than it should does the sending unit have resistance values that i can verify with a meter -- ken this sounds dumb but look under the take and see if the bottom of the tank looks like its sucked up. ive ran across this a couple of times and it acts just like you said. if the tank is flat then you probably have a sending unit acting up. denny .