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1997 Dodge RAM 1500 Transmission issue

From : Annonymous

Q: how the heck do you remove it get a big end wrench that will fit on the nut and hit it with a hammer. a sharp blow will usually break it loose. i dont remember the size of the wrench but i had to go buy a cheap one at harbor freight. .


From : nosey

i am not sure about the gas dodges but when you order a tow package on the diesel 2500-3500 its is just the hitch plus wiring. the trucks are rated to tow so much and i dont believe it matters if the tow package was ordered from dodge or an add on. the warranty is the same as long as you dont exceed the ratings that dodge has for your truck. ron .

From : bylas

i use the free tera and have had a lot of problems lately. it is almost unusable with outlook express .seems they have changed their software.i started using x and it works great. also you can go to google groups and get a lot of the groups there and its also free. ron .

From : tom lawrence

on thu 8 dec 2005 232648 +0100 steve lusardi wrote j the aisi 300 series stainless steel are austenetic non magnetic generally pretty and can handle high heat. kitchen ss is 304 marine ss is 316 chemical and food industry is 316ti and 316l. blast furness heat treat manifolds and engine valves are 301 ss. these ss alloys do not corrode easily but they work harden fatigue and crack easily and they have poor machining characteristics with the exception of 303. aisi 400 series stainless steels are magnetic and corrosion resistant not corrosion proof. they are generally stronger and some alloys can be hardened like 440 knives. this series is less expensive melt at a lower temperature and resist fatigue better than austenetic types cosecquently they can be machined drawn and forged easier. this is the series used for exhaust systems. all stainless welds will rust even with the correct filler rod. this is caused by iron molecule migration to the surface under high heat. once welded the welds must be passivated to prevent excessive rusting. this can be done both through electro etching or acid exposure which removes the surface iron. stainless welding can be done using all methods except oxact gas. steve now you tell me after i welded my stainless steel mower deck to the mild steel frame.with my acet. torch and mild steel wire. so they dont make truly stainless steel exhaust systems that dont rust at all rust. my stainless steel kitchen knives dont rust so why should this are your kitchen knives constantly exposed to heat acids and moisture on one side and water and road salt on the other rust is the result of oxidation of iron. stainless steel although containing a fair amount of chromium and nickel is still mostly iron. .

From : cbhvac

especially when anti-lock brakes are involved. not an issue here he was driving an 80s f250. i know ford started putting anti-locks on the late 80s f150 but i dont think they made their way into the heavy duty line until the 90s. -- nathan w. collier http// http// http// http// .

From : nosey says... on mon 28 nov 2005 062423 -0700 miles wrote mike simmons wrote well miles you have demonstrated to this ng and now the world that you are not a true gourmet! whiteys are an acquired taste. sometimes a jaded palate such as yours will take a time or two to learn to love em. they are best enjoyed as part of a twelve-course meal.... six whiteys and a six-pack. what is in white castles anyways ya an acquired taste is right but acquired for what wasnt any form of beef im aware of! lol with stuff like that you have to settle for a meat-like substance miles... same thing at most fast food places imo... i love stopping at those little ma & pa burgers places out in the country where you get a cheese burger thats made of real beef and a years worth of calories.. and real fries from potatoes that havent been processed and frozen... mmmmmm mac please remove splinters before emailing i like the real burgers too no cheese on mine or anything else i eat though! cheese = disgusting but once or twice a year i gotta have sliders..nothing but meat onions and bun. no pickle no ketchup no anything else on it or its trash imo. sliders tend to be a guy thing most of the women i know think they are disgusting. bdk .

From : ntguyccs

not likely a timing chain he said he has a burnt valve and they only get worse. he also said thats gone with the rebuilt heads... wrote it could be anything but given your story and symptoms my guess would be the timing chain has jumped a tooth. newly rebuilt heads bolted onto a worn out bottom end is frequently a recipe for trouble. you didnt mention how many miles were on the engine before the first breakdown but somehow id imagine on a 77 it was a lot. with the heads already off how much extra would it have cost to hone the cylinders re-ring it and put in new bearings seals & timing gear & chain perhaps a new cam while were in there. probably double the original job but if you had done so you would essentially have a brand new motor except for the carbeurator. it is also possible the rebuilt heads werent fully rebuilt. some rebuilders will simply grind the valves & seats and put it back together with all the original hardware valves springs lifters push rodsrocker arms and keepers. i cannot imagine anyone putting newly rebuilt heads on and not replacing the springs and lifters but im sure it happens. -- ----------------- .

From : lorne guess noguess net

mac davis wrote i love stopping at those little ma & pa burgers places out in the country where you get a cheese burger thats made of real beef and a years worth of calories.. and real fries from potatoes that havent been processed and frozen... mmmmmm so do i. hard to find a good burger but theres a few places around here. in & out burgers are really popular old fashioned chain but theyre not that great to me. like you said the mom & pop real burger places are where to go for something great. .

From : ntguyccs

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From : max dodge

tom you area whiz! fuse 19 was blown in the power module. will replace it and should be good to go. the wiring diagram resource is awsome! thanks for your help .

From : dick puter413atyahoo com

i guess the first thing to do is to clear the codes. the apps was not damaged at all nor was it ever disconnected it might be a damaged wire to or from the sensor. also the timing gears were aligned correctly following the marks. what is the tone ring is that the somewhat thin plate with teeth that mounts behind the harmonic balancer the crank sensor was replaced but there seems to be no adjustment possible it just slips in the round hole of the aluminum timing case replaced and held in place by one screw. how do you align it you may email me directly so we can discuss this further if you would not mind. thank you. john .