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1996 Dodge Ram Special

From : lori

Q: neil your analysis is spot-on. i the problem however i fear is our society. this was demonstrated to me several years ago by a bumper sticker i saw on a lexus..... its all about me! this was reinforced several weeks ago by a gentlemen who was in my office complaining that we couldnt work on his car right away. i explained that there were people who had called ahead for an appointment who needed to be attended to first. he said bluntly and without hesitation well put me ahead of them!. mike wrote so if im understanding this topic correctly i dont think you are. the problem is that there are so many broken down dodges sitting at dealers that theyve got enough work and dont have any impetus to treat the customer any better than they absolutely have to... no its more like the customer whos vehicle broke first and called and made an appointment first gets his/her vehicle serviced first. the ones who broke last and called and made an appointment last get their vehicle serviced last. which would explain why when i went into the local selling dealer which i havent been to in 4 1/2 years since they last screwed up a repair on my truck and requested that a technician accompany me for a test drive to verify a torque converter lock/unlock problem that was presenting at that moment... they were too busy... suppose that it was -your- vehicle that mechanic was working on and joe blow walked in without being properly scheduled asking to interupt the mechanic working on your vehicle and now completion of your vehicle has been delayed and it wont be ready when it was originally promised how would you feel about that suppose that interupting the mechanic while he was working on your vehicle caused him to lose track of where he was in the procedure and the repair turned out less than satisfactory how would you feel about that suppose that interupting the mechanic working on your vehicle means he gets to the parts counter one minute after the 3 pm cut off for parts delivery and now instead of getting the part on the overnite shipment and having your vehicle back on the road by 10 am the next day there is going to be another whole day delay before the part arrives how would you feel about that so ill find a different dealer again and with a little luck itll be another 4 1/2 years before i go back in there... oh and while i agree that some customers have a poor attitude at dealers it would be very good for the dealer to remember that those same customers will recommend that their friends family acquaintances and co-workers buy from that dealer or from a different one. and 1 pissed off customer will tell a whole lot more people about their shabby treatment than a happy one will tell of their good treatment... well this could easily include the person who -should- have been served -first- because they were there -first- but got bumped or their repair was delayed because of an interuption. so; who do you try to satisfy the person who made an appointment and showed up on time or the person who walks in with unrealistic expectations and demands more importantly who do you think that shop -wants- as a customer .


From : justin

did you go through here on your move i thought you went through sd. on the way to montana i came up through minnesota on 94 and came through nd. on the way back from montana in an effort of avoiding the small hills i took 90 through wyoming sd and back to minnesota. it would have been easier to take 94 back through but thats hindsight. -- nathan w. collier http// .