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1996 1500 ram

From : jey1958

Q: on 01 jul 2003 212745 gmt max340@aol.compost max340 wrote first - spell my damn name right. second - you can do whatever the hell you want greg.... dont let the van fall on your head though - that would be a damn shame. third one wheel wont be accurate. fourth best to use the tag on the axle cover. max spam filters why purify an undesired substance where is the tag as many times as i have been under there i have not seen one. beekeep .


From : bomber

i had a similar problem but it was the tach that quit. turned out to be the crank sensor...all 4 times!! craig curtis ramsey wrote hello i have a 92 3/4 ton with the diesel and automatic. my problem is on hot days when i first start the truck the speedometer doesnt work and the tranny wont shift into over drive. this lasts for 4 to 5 miles and overdrive and the speedo kick in at the same time. any thoughts thanks curtis .