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1995 Dodge Dakota STALLS

From : ryan r healy

Q: you got this thing about chubbiness. now be truthful who has the most rotunde belly dont fib now!! denny thats easy!! you!!!! gbmfg roy i should have expected that!! youre just pissed that my ole minivan was still on your ass going to the restarant. hell your vette couldnt even shake an ole minivan. bg denny i guess next time ill have to shift into 2nd gear. g roy probably the biggest difference would be to get a lighter-weight driver!! bg denny .


From : stelios grigorioustelios grigoriou

tom i wished you worked at one of my local dealers! i dont have this problem but am impressed how much help you offer here. thanks lee .

From : dufus mcgoob

max you have spent hours arguing about this subject. why and is it really worth all that time .

From : jr

on tue 29 jul 2003 214407 -0400 kevin soupkids@sympatico.caa wrote my 02 dakota has the same problem with the same brake setup. i can 2 foot the brake pedal and the fronts wont lock unless thay are on ice or snow. kevin campbell ***same here - i found with the skinny stock tires 195/75s i was able to lock them up with 235-70s no way.. i put new rotors and pads on them best brand local mech has on it.. still no way with 70s... also my 93 came through with the abs not working but no dash light.. was like there for 7 years... i didnt mind no abs. i had a minor smack up with it and then the dash light came on and it was diagnosed as a intermittent sensor on one of the rear wheels. seems the g-forces did something to trigger the sensor being bad... now with abs on i have to work real hard to make the abs do anything.. seems not to be very sensitive compared to my t+c van.. the van is too sensitive esp when like the right side is on ice and left side is on pavement i want to left side to lock up and to do the most stopping but instead if pulses all the wheels. i find in this case abs significantly lengthens stopping distances.. so i do not care for it in general.. jr .