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1994 Dodge PU

From : bigtaz43

Q: yes im aware that units from sirius and xm can be listened through my stereo wirelessly. however i have a wireless transmitter from belkin that i use in my car for my mp3 player. it works pretty good but i do get static from it. i also noticed that the further away from my stereo the worse the reception. so depending on where i were to place my sat radio it may or may not give me good reception. i do get much better sound quality from my mp3 player when i use the cassette adapter i know i can do this with the sat radio as well but id like to avoid the hanging wires. this is why i was exploring the possibility of doing a hardwire setup. frankly if you got worse results im tending to think its more of an isolated incident because from what ive read on other posts in other groups hardwiring worked better. be that as it may if i cant easily get access to the radio in my car then all this talk is moot because i dont really want to pay a lot for someone to do something that on the surface seems so simple. first yes this can be done. however! using that type of fm modulator is going to make your newly purchased sat radio system sound well to be blunt like ass. depending on what sat system you are looking at xm or sirius both make a unit with an internal wireless fm mod. all you have to do is plug in the cig lighter power cord run the antenna and turn it on. no need to remove the radio or anything. if you go xm use the roady 2. http// if sirius use one of the xact units such as http// larry senior installer autosound fx sierra vista az i want to get satellite radio for my car not until end of december beginning of january. anyway i have an 02 durango with the infinity system and when i do get satellite i was looking into wiring the sat radio directly to the back of the durango radio with this http// first can this be done if so second how would i go about removing the radio to get to the back of it if its something i can do easily without damaging anything id rather do it. ive tried looking for one of those chilton manuals in local bookstores to see if they have anything about radios in them. i couldnt find any copies in the bookstores. there is one at a library in a town not too far away but i just havent gotten up there yet. thanks for any help. j .


From : icpenguin

i just took off my dual 15 gallon aero side tanks from my 1991 ctd pick up i am sure they would fit other years. if anyone wants these please e mail me direct they are in good shape with no leaks. i live in hunterdon county new jersey just off exit 15 on rt. 78. i hate to see these babies go to the dump. .