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1990 d150 19000 miles

From : paul jensen

Q: what specs are you looking at they make a 3500 without the dual tires now. i think the coil spring dodge truck would give a smoother ride then the leaf spring ford. honestly i would prefer the dodge with the cummins then the chevy with the duramax then the ford with the power stroke. i will use the truck for offroad driving a lot and i have taken the ford f-250 diesel 4x4 off road and wow! talk about a harsh ride! i had to go to the cyropractor after that trip. but then when i took a chevy 2500 4x4 with the diesel it was a whole world of difference! i can manage that no problem. then there is dodge it has a live axle like the ford but it has the coil springs instead of the leaf springs which i have been told is much better. i hav an f350 with the 7.3 diesel and am quite happy with it. i think the dodges have the best looking rig - that front end is great! but i understand the dodge doesnt hold up - brakewise chassis-wise. a friend just bought a new 2500 with the cummins and it is quiet! standing a few feet away when it is idling and you cant tell it is a diesel. the duramax is an isuzu engine - theyve been making diesels for about 100 years. and the allison tranny is well respected. spend the extra bucks for a 350 vs. the 250 if you go ford. much better resale. if i were bying new right now i would llike to buy a dodge that would match the f550 specs. unfortunatley only ford is in that market. should run a google search opinions are posted in the groups everyday everybody has one. blair im cross-posting here to try to solicit your opinions on the type of trucks you drive. im in the market to buy a new truck and am just now starting to compare my choices for the pros and cons. im considering the dodge ram 2500 ford f-250 and the silverado 2500 all 4 doors. i would like to hear from those that already own these models as to your likes and dislikes and also what you wish it had or didnt have as far as features and capabilities. also diesel vs. gasoline. im hoping to make a purchase within the next 7 to 10 days. im currently driving a 97 suburban and will be trading it. may also consider buying a new 03 or 04 suburban as well. any drivers out there willing to add your two-cents worth on this one thanks for your help and input. danny ----== posted via - unlimited-uncensored-secure usenet ==---- http// the #1 group service in the world! 100000 groups ---= 19 east/west-coast specialized servers - total privacy via encryption =--- .


From : david

just more bullshit if you decide on a dodge run away if they try to sell you an automatic. the cummins is a great engine but the dodge automatic transmission is criminally unreliable. charles perry p.e. .

From : tanner melton

trey wrote i was at the local dodge dealer today getting the cat replaced. while i was standing there waiting for my ride to show up a brand new diesel ram drove up. wow! those trucks are quiet! i didnt even know it was a diesel at first. extra point for cummins for making their so quiet..... i take points away--i want it to rattle. .

From : tanner melton

it took him over 4 friggin years to do anything!!!!!!!!!!! bg ive been telling ya for over.four friggin years that kenseth is the man. eventually youll wake up to that fact at least he keeps beating that loser earnhardt every year! go matt!!! .