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1975 360

From : dan mcaloon

Q: access roll-up here. so far i love it! may have been an access roll-up cover! they are great covers. a little more expensive than most roll-ups but worth the expense. i have one on my 03 dakota quad. stylish yet functional... yesterday i saw in passing a great soft cover on a dakota quad just like mine. it didnt have a ton of obvious buttons---looked real smooth. anyone know what brand this is experiences/recommendations for a soft top thanks. --- outgoing mail is certified virus free. checked by avg anti-virus system http// version 6.0.507 / virus database 304 - release date 8/4/2003 .


From : neil nelson

you fergot the two posters who argue whether you use a beam type torque wrench or click type torque wrench to tighten the bulb! i am growing pretty darned sick and tired of the blatant discrimination shown to the dial-type crowd. oh sure... we dont have a big powerful lobby like the clickers and we arent as sympathetic as the beamers but dammit were a choice too! we can still do the job... ya just gotta give us a chance. i think we need to get more legislation passed to outlaw the oppressive tactics constantly employed by the clickers and the beamers. to be fair all repair shops should be required to maintain a certain percentage of dial-type wrenches so as not to perpetuate the unfair advantage currently enjoyed by the other two. some day hopefully soon each dial-type wrench will enjoy the same opportunities afforded their beam and click brothers. can i get an amen why cant they just make a beam type clicking dial torque wrench and keep everyone happy .

From : dan mcaloon

and 10 is solid. would that be considered code 9 or code 10 i am guessing 9 and then a recycle time. im guessing 9 as well since a flash is considered an on followed by an off. you could always try unplugging the rear wheel sensor and try the codes again - to see if theres any difference. .

From : dan mcaloon

yep thats what im talkin about. the cylinder head lube from #2 & #4 cam bearings. the passageways align at 120 deg to the left bank then 240 deg. later 120 deg to the right bank. seems ok when turned by hand. no oil when running. dan mcaloon wrote i have a 360 engine 1975 plymouth in my 80 d150 pick up three speed over drive purple shaft cam . i did not change the cam bearings but i noticed thet had no grove for the oil. the oil passage-ways go to the heads and are clear if the engine is stopped at the proper place to allow the cam journal to line up. it looked like the oil should get to the tappets twice for each engine revolution. that is not how oil gets to the tappets lifters. oil is fed thru a passage from the pump/filter at the rear of the block to the right side oil galley this galley runs the length of the engine and feeds the right side tappets at the front the oil travels down to the #1 main bearing and then back up to the left side oil galley which feeds the left side tappets. oil is also fed from the mains up to the cam bearings at #2 and #4 cam bearings oil is fed to the cylinder head to lube the rocker arms the passages you coment on at the end of your above paragraph. i have started the engine and run it for 10 or 15 minutes at all rpms. runs fine but no oil to the tappets. what am i missing dont know... possibly the cam bearings/main bearings are so worn that oil pressure cant build possibly a galley plug is not installed where it should be possibly a cam bearing got knocked out of place possibly a pushrod folded over and a lifter has been kicked out of place. did the engine have sufficient oil pressure before the camshaft swap .

From : john kunkel

i am looking for driving lights for my 99 sport the ones in the bumper. are there any non-mopar lights that will work here thx in advance. george .