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1500 Ram 2003 turning 8000 miles

From : don d

Q: the new cummins diesel is very quiet. at idle its not much louder then the 5.7l hemi. but then again if you are going for loud then its not the winner. to each his own. trey can you explain how the sound of one truck puts the other trucks to shame would that mean it is quieter or does it mean that it sounds more like a truck or what exactly -- frosty trey wrote have you heard the new cummins diesel i heard one yesterday not a showroom model but a contractors truck. and wow! it puts the duramax and new powerstroker to shame. crash wrote im cross-posting here to try to solicit your opinions on the type of trucks you drive. im in the market to buy a new truck and am just now starting to compare my choices for the pros and cons. im considering the dodge ram 2500 ford f-250 and the silverado 2500 all 4 doors. i would like to hear from those that already own these models as to your likes and dislikes and also what you wish it had or didnt have as far as features and capabilities. look very carefully at the very small price difference between the f-250 and f-350. i assume other brands also exhibit a similar structure. i own an f-250 and will never buy another. the price to move up to an otherwide identical f-350 is less than $1000 for an additional 1100 pounds of gvw. also diesel vs. gasoline. if you intend to haul or tow anything substantial consider a diesel. if you intend to drive the new truck for quite a number of years consider a diesel. my f-250 is equipped with the 7.3 liter diesel and i love it. i intend to keep the vehicle for 10 years or more i.e. 250000 miles or more. i keep a vehicle an average of 8 years and the previous diesel i kept for 13 years and 210000 miles. however the early ford 6.0 liter diesels had very serious very expensive problems. the current production model seems better redesigned injectors. the 04 version is expected to offer yet another improvement. the gm duramax is only a little older than the ford 6.0 liter i.e. a relatively new engine. the cummins in the dodge is a well-proven engine but of an eariler design generation. it isnt nearly as quiet as the powerstroke or duramax and doesnt meet the same pollution requirements as the other two. thanks for your help and input. danny bob -- bob peterson bbs dialup 972 403 9406 to 53333 v.34/x2/v.90 bbs telnet web .


From : redneck tookover hell

2001 ram 2500 with manual transmission... what is the average mileage i should get before i should expect to have to do any work to the transmission. synchros etc. -- laszlo almasi carolina watercraft works inc. 2810-5d yonkers road raleigh nc 27604 .

From : dave brower

dodge did not shut off the water on your truck if lines going in are cold ck to see if blend air door is working .

From : mike simmons

you delay replacing the t-belt at your own peril! chryco service manager member sae hi i have 1989 caravan with 130km on it i removed the top inspection cover to check the belts condition. no teeth missing no cracks and it looks very good. the manual says the belt should be change every 100km. can i wait for say 200km is this a difficult job and where can i get some details on how to do it thanks .

From : don d

don your statement about carburetion is correct however the modern term is fuel management. i guess carburetion aint sophisticated sounding enough anymore... ^. i.e. technicians are no longer mechanics.... girlfriends/boyfriends are now significant others.... gawd i hate that term...... well you get the idea.... mike you are obviously confused with carburetion day at indy speedway those cars dont use carburetors either your definition is obselete the subject of your original question is non existent also ie it does not happen carburation is defined as the process of mixing the correct proportions of liquid fuel with air to achieve combustion. this happens on any vehicle that uses liquid fuel. i no - i am not confused with carburation day. i never even heard of it. the definition of carburation is a fact. a carburetor is a device. carburation is a process. if you mix fuel and air regardless of the method it is carburation. the subject of my original question is also a fact. the statement was probably erroneous but someone on this forum did mention that it happened at 8000 miles. i mentioned in my original post that it may have been a tongue-in-cheek statement and it was probably more than that. forget about my question and i will forget about your obviously misinformed statements. don d. .