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03 Ram 1500 QC 4X4 grease fittings

From : mb190e

Q: i had to move my donor vehicle for my motorhome this weekend and i could not get it to drive reliably trans and carb are shot. i had to tow it. tow vehicle is my 77 34 ton dodge with the 400 v8 at. donor vehicle is 76 34 ton dodge van with the 360 that i need for my motorhome. i towed that van 55 miles on the freeway without issue. only problem i had was the last 100 feet of the gravel driveway i started to dig in as i didnt have enough speed. used the forklift to pull me the rest of the way..... my truck had no issues towing that much weight just didnt like stopping.. .


From : tom lawrence

sounds like your fuel pump is overheating once the fuel drains out from around it the fuel cools the pump it is not good to run your tank down too low because of this. your pump is probably worn out and now when it gets warm its dying out. my .02. my 94 ram runs fine until i get down to about an 1/8 of a tank of gas the it will start to miss with in a few miles it nearly dies out and im lucky to get 15 mph out of it which can make for a long trip to a gas station. ive had mechanics take out my tank 3 times in the past but want to tackle this one myself what should i look for. .

From : mb190e

i had a 1999 ram slt 1500. had that infamous horrible spark knock issue and was without resistance bought back in full by dodge on arbitration buy back. loved that truck - except for that horendous spark knock issue they couldnt fix. i am considering buying a 2003 hemi ram giving dodge and america one more chance but am understandably vervous. any idea whether they cured the spark knock presumably a result of truck mnaufacturers trying to balance the emissions and emission regulations also what are the common known issues with the 2003s. i nderstand all manufacturers have issues every year just want to read up on them in advance to decide. thanks todd .

From : s miller

2 trips to shop and $600 charge granted the fluids needed changing but the second trip was uncalled for it had been properly test driven and what would you have said if you found out they took it for a 100+ mile test drive you say it worked fine for 100 miles so obviously a standard test drive would not have revealed the problem. after the second trip to shop the a/c compressor clutch would not engage.coincidence very possible. while your tale shows that the trouble shooting of the a/c may be a bit suspect all else is possible and very likely not the fault of the dealer. max spam filters why purify an undesired substance .