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03 Hemi RPM?

From : mb190e

Q: on mon 21 jul 2003 211134 -0700 jack wrote ralph wrote forgive me the sarcasm however temper tantrums like yours irk the shit out of me. jesus fucking christ--temper tantrums you guys are more upset than he is!!! what a bunch of pissing-contest-morons. thanks! i wasnt upset as they claim and still not upset. all i did was post a fact on how i felt. remove spam for e-mail .


From : budd cochran

perhaps then you should walk into the dealership and directly to the customer service counter and ask them directly what they are doing and when. -- if at first you dont succeed youre not cut out for skydiving here here!! its day 6 and my 03 dakota quad-cab still sits in the same spot where it as been since being towed to the five star service center - whatever that means... dc has no customer service.. i will never spend a penny on ford... i customer service counts and daimlerchrysler and its dealerships fail at that. my wife next car will not be a daimlerchrysler product. as much as i like my 03 dakota i will not spend another cent on daimlerchrysler. steve remove spam for e-mail .

From : punch

actually the stock 17 tires have the same overall diameter as the 20 tires! mopar man was being a smartass .