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03 1500 QC Hemi Update

From : mb190e

Q: if you have the diagnostic tool why dont you just flush the codes before going to inspection -- if at first you dont succeed youre not cut out for skydiving for six months i have been trying to help my so fix her mini-van. the mini-van is a 1998 plymouth grand voyager 3.0l v-6 automatic with around 128000 miles. several months back her check engine light illuminated however the car ran ok and the mileage seemed normal. round one - local dodge dealer performed a tune up. mostly new new plugs. light stayed out for a few days. round two - local western auto replaced plugs and wires. light stayed out for a few days. round three - western auto again - replaced plugs again. light was out for a few days. round four - yours truly - used ignition switch method to trigger code read out. got code 43. checked coil resistance compared to manual decided it was not quite right so i replaced it. disconnected battery and the light stayed out for almost a week. round five - used code reader and got p0300 and p0305 codes random misfire and misfire on #5 cylinder. checked plugs they looked fine. i decided that maybe the plug wire was not on correctly. reset light. the light stayed out for almost a week. round six - same codes as before. replaced wires and #5 plug. reset light. stayed out for a couple of days. round seven - same codes as before plus p0306. decided problem might be leaking intake manifold gaskets so i replaced them. reset the light and it stayed out for about three days. round eight - p0300 and p0305 codes again. in desperation i replaced plug #5 with another brand ngk and replaced the o2 sensor with a genuine chrysler part. light stayed out for 3 days but the vehicle did not complete the obdii driving cycle. round nine - dodge dealer again. same codes. dealer performs compression test and says the compression is fine. performs a leak down test and says based on this test the engine is shot and should be replaced - for $4000. round ten - help! $4000 is a lot to but into this van. it is only worth around $4500 in good condition. i am suspicious of the diagnosis that the van needs a new engine. it runs ok. not perfect but no oil usage no smoke idle is little rough but runs smooth at speed. p0305 code usually shows up with a couple of days after resetting the computer. i have certainly driven vehicles that run worse. if i leave the code reader connected to the engine i never see the mis-fire condition. the problem is almost always the same p0300 along with p0305. once p0306 was also found but this was a typical. not fixing the problem is not an option since this is an obdii inspection area. i am willing to try miracle cures...... regards ed white .


From : mrdancer

the 96 use the same bulbs for turn and brake. check the brake switch and make sure that your connections are tight. then work turn on and off your hazard switch a few times and check them again. -- if at first you dont succeed youre not cut out for skydiving well if your turn signal lamp and brake lamp are the same ... then you either have a broken switch at your brake pedal or a war has come loose somewheres. if they are separate bulbs then you could add a loose grounding wire to that scenario or bad bubs. i have a 99 dodge ram 1500. my brake lights do not work. i have replaced the bulbs with new ones and they still dont work. the funny thing is that the bulb lights up when i turn my lights on and when i activate the turn signal. however when i push on the brake pedal the lights dont work. anybody have a cheap or do-it-yourself idea to help me i appreciate any thoughts. .