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02 ram1500 clunking noise from auto transmission when shifting at low speeds

From : chrisc

Q: can you hear the mechanism operate inside the door my brothers 97 had the same problem. his had a little motor inside the door lock mechanism that one of the gears stripped out. i had to get the whole door latch mechanism as they are one unit. i got one from the junk yard for about $25. bob oddly enough my power door locks operate only the passenger side door lock. both sides only operate the passenger side. the lock still functions manually i can lock it just manually. the lock doesnt work with the driver side door panel off either so there is no obstruction. suggestions ideas -- --- benjamin taylor --- .


From : max340

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From : kevin

my 02 dakota does the same thing. had it to the dealer twice same result. i have learned just dont drove slow!! kevin should i take it in if you think you have a problem you should take it to the dealer if the truck is under warranty. the clunk you hear could be a number of things including u-joints. max spam filters why purify an undesired substance .

From : mileskevin

trey wrote well then tell me what i am doing wrong. here is a link to a few pix of the spark plugs in my truck. http// on my 2001 1500 5.9l i just grabbed each wire and pulled. the plugs at the rear of the engine were the most difficult but no biggie. i did have to use a combination of swivel joints and extenstions to get to those rear plugs. once i got the right pieces on my ratchet the plugs came right out and new ones back in. possibly plug wire pliers may help. .