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01 ram 1500 4x4 clunking in front end

From : scott moe

Q: on sat 29 oct 2005 114325 -0600 nathan w. collier wrote isnt a f350 one of those dinky toy kind of things. we are talking real trucks here. an f350 doesnt come with a paper hidden in the center console that says this vehicle is not recommended for hauling a slide in camper. i dont understand why chryco says that their flagship diesel truck isnt capable or not recommended anyway of hauling a slide in camper. i dont think this would have affected my decision to buy my truck. it is by far the most awesome vehicle ive ever owned at least for towing anyway......but i do wish this paper wasnt hidden in a spot that nobody checks before buying a vehicle. it was never mentioned by my dealership and not posted anywhere else that ive found. if the axle is incapable of handling the weight of a slide in camper put a bigger axle in. nate is yours a short box i thought the long box was made for a slide in camper. .


From : scott moe

well john i disagree but then you werent the one that bled the system and restored the freeplay on that rented 20k pound forklift were you the clue for me was that it got progressively worse as the drivetrain warmed up. one thing has to be remembered about anything made by human hands; it can do things it isnt supposed to do. cant speak of forklifts but any automotive hydraulic clutch sysyem is open to the reservoir once the clutch pedal is in the full up position. any expansion of air or fluid will simply push the volume back into the reservoir. this i8s bgasic high school auto shop i. none. by design there is supposed to be a small fraction of a inch clearance. this was seen in the mechanical systems as your pedals freeplay. when air is left in the system the air can warm up and expand causing the fingers to ride the bearing. not likely since there is no closed end to allow pressure to build. once the master cylinder is in the retracted position the entire system is open to the reservoir any expansion of the fluid or entrapped air will merely push that volume of fluid back into the reservoir. when the clutch pedal is slightly depressed the piston covers the mc port to prevent pressure from back feeding into the reservoir. .

From : davenport

on sat 29 oct 2005 192941 -0600 nathan w. collier wrote nate is yours a short box i thought the long box was made for a slide in camper. nope long box. http// nice trucks. i still like the srw ones the best just the looks of those duals is wierd to me...........but i know they serve a purpose. .

From : carolina watercraft works

but i am not using twice as much gasand i do not have to plug in my truck on cold winter nights nor do i. but then i own a cummins. the duramax needs grid heater glow plugs and to be plugged in and put 12 or 14 quarts in the crankcase and 12 thanks. and ill take that over the smaller amount anytime given the design superiority listen to the engine rattle all the time hell i dont even hear mine without the windows down and i like the windows down. not to mention the extra 6 or 7 grand it cost too. $3800 at purchase in 1999 and only $5000 this year. wtf are you pricing oh yeah the duratrash. if you like a oil burner fine if you like them but you are not saving any money with one in todays market. rubbish. to do what i did with mine two weeks ago a gasoline truck would have burned twice the fuel. 19.6 mpg average over 300 miles and with 250 more covered at speeds in excess of 75mph i pulled 18.8mpg average. i doubt a gasoline truck could do that if it covered the same miles at the speed limit. when you factor all the costs you are loosing money with one so it is not cheaper to drive one today. bullshit. do some math instead of running off at the mouth. -- max give a man a match and he is warm for a short while. light him on fire and he is warm for the rest of his life. .

From : bozzanddww3

there is something severely wrong if all youre getting is 8mpg with a diesel. i get around 20 on the highway with a 2003. i get 9-10 when towing an 8000# trailer. john i have a 360 5 speed 4x4 and a ctd 6 speed 4x4. the diesel gets better mileage empty or pulling and has lots more power. in fact the diesel gets better mileage pulling my race car and trailer than the gas truck gets empty. al .