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'01 dodge ram 1500 (5.2L) lacking power

From : david

Q: are these rotor issues covered by the 7/70k warranty had both of my front rotors replaced at 5800 miles 03 qc 4x4 w/20s my 01 and my bosses 01 both have the same problem. on wed 30 jul 2003 213717 gmt scott shirley wrote a few folks that i have spoken with at the local delearship other customers have all had problems with brakes on their quad cab 1500s with 20 wheels mine and few other folks rotors were warped. anyone else exp. this .


From : tom lawrencetom lawrence

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From : timtim

friends i have a 1996 ram 1500 pu 4x4 v8 5.9l. for a couple of months there has been a slight groan from the front end if she would coast backwards; this may or not be related. yesterday when i turned into my driveway there was a loud snapping and groaning noise from the drivers side front wheel. i stopped and turned the wheel back and forth but there was no more noise. i took it around the block and the snapping and groaning noise started again and was so loud and bad i wasnt sure id get her home. i jacked the front end up and shook the tire. it has a lot of wobble in it that i know it didnt have when i rotated the tires a couple months ago. i spun the tire around a few times and there is a rattling and loud rubbing noise as it turns. is this the bearing could it be something else how hard are they to change i do have a chrysler service manual so does this bearing have a specific or unique name as there are about 20 entries for bearings all in different sections of the book. thanks for your time steve .

From : trey

hello i have a 95 dodge dakota 4x4 v6 3.9l. it sometimes chucks at low speeds more so when it is wet or damp outside. it does not have original wires on it they have been replaced about three years ago along with cap rotor and spark plugs. any suggestion would be appreciated. thanks randy do a complete tune-up. .

From : trey

dan mcaloon wrote i have a 360 engine 1975 plymouth in my 80 d150 pick up three speed over drive purple shaft cam . i did not change the cam bearings but i noticed thet had no grove for the oil. the oil passage-ways go to the heads and are clear if the engine is stopped at the proper place to allow the cam journal to line up. it looked like the oil should get to the tappets twice for each engine revolution. that is not how oil gets to the tappets lifters. oil is fed thru a passage from the pump/filter at the rear of the block to the right side oil galley this galley runs the length of the engine and feeds the right side tappets at the front the oil travels down to the #1 main bearing and then back up to the left side oil galley which feeds the left side tappets. oil is also fed from the mains up to the cam bearings at #2 and #4 cam bearings oil is fed to the cylinder head to lube the rocker arms the passages you coment on at the end of your above paragraph. i have started the engine and run it for 10 or 15 minutes at all rpms. runs fine but no oil to the tappets. what am i missing dont know... possibly the cam bearings/main bearings are so worn that oil pressure cant build possibly a galley plug is not installed where it should be possibly a cam bearing got knocked out of place possibly a pushrod folded over and a lifter has been kicked out of place. did the engine have sufficient oil pressure before the camshaft swap .