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01 dak 3.9 auto

From : jnb

Q: roy i respect you input. that is what makes this group worth reading. how did the air intake run on your hemi thanks let me say up front i dont have a hemi dont like knock offs. i drive a 2500 4x4 w/cummins and a corvette z06. neither have a cold air package other than factory been there done that. first we are dealing with a truck large and wide and as aerodynamic as a 4x8 sheet of plywood. cool air is a bit of a help but if there is no velocity to it which occurs at speeds of over 60mph to derive a noticeable benefit you are pretty much wasting your money. somebody did the figures on one of the corvette groups and the return of investment took over 150kmiles and that was driving with a egg under the gas pedal. that was for the gas increase. probably more to do with a change in driving style than anything else. it is your money. roy roy wrote investigating installing one of these. they claim 5-15hp gain through less air restriction and greater flow with up to 5mpg greater gas mileage. includes everything including the tube to reinstall the air intake sensor. ok here is my question. after examining the proposed area of modification this intake sensor is a temperature sensor not a flow sensor. so how will installing this mod improve my hp and gas mileage in my mind i am thinking ok i get cooler air which hits the sensor which measures cooler air and tells the computer to make the gas mixture richer. alright this would explain the higher horsepower but not the fuel mileage. so what am i missing here thanks in advance. - here we go!! what you will be missing is the money that you foolishly spent on it imho. roy .