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00 Durango

From : samwendel

Q: yep diesels are like that. white smoke is unburned fuel; black smoke is from the engine burning so much fuel that the carbon particulates are visible. once the engine heats the combustion improves. many diesels have electrical intake heaters that draw a high current from the battery for the first few minutes the engine runs to minimize white smoke. rick -- my real e-mail address is hi i have a converted rv with a 1982 cummins 290 turbo engine in it. it runs fine great but it smokes a lot when its cold. ive had many people tell me big diesels are just like that and its normal for them to smoke before theyre warmed up. even when i brought it to the service station for an inspection the guy told me it was normal and not to worry about it. im wondering though does anyone know more about this like what actually causes it to smoke when the engine is colder is it just that the combustion isnt complete and there is unburned fuel in the exhaust for some reason when its not up to normal temperature is there anything i can do about it its kind of embarrassing to create a cloud of diesel smoke when im warming it up and i have to wait until my air brakes have adequate pressure before i can drive away. thanks gary .


From : tbone

i did not mean to start a war here i just wanted a simple answer... am i overlooking a sight glass on my durango geez.... james lol i guess that you havent been here for very long. this is a typical and in most cases the expected response. from the info that i can pick out would suggest that it no longer exists. -- if at first you dont succeed youre not cut out for skydiving .