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From : nick podobensky

Q: educated republican oxymoron - heavy on the moron tell me bright eyes how many more republicans are on the welfare roles due to lack of education then democrats. it was a democrat that designed the palm beach ballot in 2000 and it was democrats who could not figure out what it said a great testimonial to democratic intellectual abilities. .


From : jps email

btw we dont have any widget jobs anymore; just wart mart greeters %%%% is being a degreed professional all that they know or is it all they are willing to do ive pumped gas at a service station and flipped burgers with a degree because the money i was getting was more than i would receive sitting on my ass feeling sorry because i didnt have the job i wanted. i had a family to feed and not the time to sit and whine. i guess that is the way i was brought up to be self reliant and not depend on others. oh i see. pride has no place in the equation. %%%% you cant eat pride and if your family need to be fed you need to swollow it and fiind work. the grocery store cannot tell the difference between a dollar made in the stock market from a dollar from recycling soda cans. would you let your family go hungry because you couldnt find an executive job barry no its what do you do when there are no jobs being self reliant doesnt have a damn thing to do with it. there are 1.7 million people out there who cant find work. wart mart isnt going to offer someone with two degrees a job as a greeter. even if they do try supporting a family on $8 an hour youll love the medical benefits too. this country has been pushing towards a service based economy for over a decade. now were stuck with it. a giant third world country.... and yet funny how those with a true work ethic a sense of self-reliance and self-determinism always seem to make it go right even if its by being the type of person everyone *wants* to help. funny how none of the people that ive ever admired and thats a fairly good sized group have ever been in that 6.4%. sure some have been with out jobs for a bit but they had planned ahead to be able to get by and quickly found or created work becuase they are people that solve problems themselves. %%%% they have no concept of what being self reliant is. i have 6 months of food stored and 6 months of money to pay bills set aside for any hard times of mine or close family members. if it even snows hard and the roads are blocked i dont need to go to the store for anything for a long time. what a crock. and what do you do on the seventh month ask your gawd for loaves of bread %%%% can produce from my garden to restock my pantry. my bills at this point are very few since everything is paid for and the outgoing money is for utilities and luxury items. you need to take a financial peace course from dave ramsey it will teach you a lot on managing your money. go here http// i can pick up enough odd jobs and such to pay my utilities for a long time since i only need to buy water because i can heat with wood. why do you need to buy water. does it not rain where you live %%%% most rain is polluted in the urban enviroment and there are bird droppings and insects to contend with. it is cheaper to use public utility water than to set up a charcoal filtration system to the intake side of a cistern in the ground. also with the volume of water used it current society it would empty the cistern quickly. i am capable of filtering water from the creek at the bottom of the hill for consumption and cooking with my hiking filters but to be honest just too lazy to walk it multiple times daily. i would rather turn the faucet on at present. -- if at first you dont succeed youre not cut out for skydiving .