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From : nunya

Q: good thing i have a 5 speed manual..i love it..i have always hated auto trans...the parts are so fragile. i just bought a 98 dakota and when my neighbor saw ithe is also a dodge owner he said i hope you have a spare couple of grand because you are gonna have to replace that tranny. is there even a grain of truth to his assertion that all dodge trucks have substandard transmissions i looked the truck up on some kind of consumer reporting website before i bought it and they said that it was a pretty much trouble free truck. please tell me that my tranny isnt destined to fail! the only other dodge i have ever owned is a 84 ram charger and i loved that truck with that big ole 360 and extra large tires wish i still had it but the mileage sucked and i travel a lot for work. any input from this group of dodge lovers will be greatly appreciated! dale simpson i recently purchased an 01 dakota 27k miles and have the same concern. i have had the fluid analyzed and it was good. i plan on changing the fluid at 30k miles. i can get a 150k tranny warranty from the vendor if i change the fluid every 30k miles. considering the cost of a tranny i consider that a good deal and plan to do it. .